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Why Choose Us?

Chris Davenport, Lindsay Davenport, Eddy Edmiston

Hosts: Chris Davenport (left), Lindsay Davenport (center), and Eddy Edmiston (right)

2023 crew at MH

2023 Crew

About Us

Moose Head Ranch is unique. Unlike other guest ranches Moose Head Ranch is privately owned, family operated and completely surrounded by Grand Teton National Park, providing our guests with a panoramic vista of the Teton Range. Imagine riding with your family and seeing elk, bison, mule deer and antelope up close. Picture meadows of alpine flowers such as lupine and fireweed as you gaze down at the legendary Snake River. At the end of each ride relax on your cabin porch or the Lodge deck with the ever changing vista of the majestic Tetons in the distance, with no blaring horns or city noises, just the sound of the babbling brook and the laughter of your children as they play with new found friends. Point out the Milky Way and track the numerous shooting stars seen crossing the evening sky. Bond with your children without the interfering sports schedules, meetings and social activities that crowd your family life back home. When was the last time you played cards or checkers with your kids? All of that and more is here for you at the ranch.

At Moose Head we believe in family vacations, and for us, this means you ride and eat with your children. Therefore, Moose Head does not have a “children’s ride” or a “children’s dining room”. At Moose Head you ride in small groups, usually just yourselves and a wrangler, at a pace with which you are most comfortable, not one that someone else is setting. Moose Head’s gourmet food is a pleasant surprise to our new guests, as it is not the norm for most ranches.

Moose Head takes pride in our staff. They are carefully chosen for their personality, ability and character as we like them to be polite, respectful, knowledgeable and terrific role models. In fact, quite a few have had older siblings, or even parents, work at Moose Head. Dude Ranch vacations are not for everyone and a stay at Moose Head is unlike most experiences. There is no need to lock your car or cabin doors and children run freely playing tag or hide and seek. Moose Head has no televisions, phones or computers in the cabins. The paper doesn’t arrive until afternoon and hopefully after a couple of days you’ll just be glancing at the sports scores and not the headlines. The most momentous decision you may have to make during your stay might be whether to have the salmon or the rack of lamb for dinner. We welcome you as family and hope that when you leave you truly do feel you have become a part of our Moose Head family.