Moose Head accommodates approximately 44 guests in comfortable and well appointed cabins that are scattered amongst the cottonwoods and pines. Many overlook our stocked trout ponds. Most have wood burning stoves and all are equipped with small refrigerators and coffee machines, and ice is delivered every afternoon. Cabins are equipped with shampoo, lotion, soap, chapstick, robes, umbrellas, bear spray, bug spray, flashlights and an ironing board. Laundry facilities are open to guests after 2pm and detergent/bleach is supplied. Flowers are an important part of Moose Head, and hanging baskets can be found on cabin porches. Numerous well tended planters are everywhere and wildflowers are especially abundant in the Park as well as on the ranch. Cabins do not have TV’s, but WifFi is available in the lodge- please bring earbuds for personal devices out of respect for other guests.



For Reservations, Contact

Chris Davenport

307~733~3141 ~ main phone

307~739~9097 ~ fax

[email protected]