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Clothing & Attire

Packing Ideas

Temperatures at Moose Head range from frosty mornings in June to warmer summer days in July and August. We recommend you dress in layers so you can peel off as the day progresses. Jeans are the uniform of the day. If you have riding boots, and your baggage allowance can stand it, pack them. If not something with a small heel or sneakers will do. We also have some well seasoned cowboy boots and hats you can borrow, as well as a limited amount of riding helmets. If you have your own helmet, it is recommended you bring that, should you want to wear one. Rain jackets are nice to take on rides and can be placed in your saddle bag in case you need them.

The altitude at Moose Head Ranch is 6,800 feet which means the sun is strong during the day, and we highly suggest sunscreen and sunglasses. We have small amenity kits in the cabins with some lotion, chapstick and shampoo. Each cabin also has a mini fridge, blow dryer, bear spray and bug spray as well as an iron/ironing board.

Cowboy & Cowgirl

Sample attire when visiting Moose Head Ranch

Attire to wear at Moose Head Ranch

Bathing suits and sandals are great if you go rafting and shorts are best for hiking. Hiking boots are not necessary, but nice to throw in if you have them, again watch your baggage weight allowances!

Moose Head has a variety of fly fishing rods that you can use, and waders are not necessary for the ranch ponds. Should you wish to fish the Snake, you might throw in your own waders. Barbless dry flies are required on the Moose Head ponds, and we have a supply of those that we can provide for a nominal charge.

The Ranch has laundry facilities (detergent supplied) and our guests are more than welcome to use it after 2 PM.