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2024 season begins June 5th and ends August 14th


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Our History

Moose Head Ranch vintage postcard

In 1925, the year Moose Head Ranch was homesteaded, Jackson Hole was a land of pioneers and ranch families who worked hard to live in such a beautiful, pristine setting. The Ranch was purchased in 1967 by John Mettler and is now in the capable third generation hands of Chris and Lindsay Davenport, who grew up on the ranch and are now following their parents, Louise and Kit. Eddy Edmiston also grew up at Moose Head, and has taken over the ranch manager position when his father, Dave, retired after 37 years. For both management and guests, there’s something about this Jackson Hole Dude Ranch that gets in your blood and keeps you coming back …. again and again.

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Moose Head Ranch Horseback ride with Grand Teton Mountain views
Moose Head Ranch Lodge
Firepit at Moose Head Ranch in WY
Moose Head Ranch - Meals & Dinner